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Our Investment Approach

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The game changers
we invested in

  • soundfeed


    SoundFeed is a B2B music licensing platform that connects labels, publishers, independent musicians, DJ’s and broadcasters, thus streamlining their existing licensing processes.

  • Milluu


    When it’s time to rent your properties, the process can be tedious. You can now relax. Meet Milluu, the only company in Romania that is taking care fully of your property management.



    MOCAPP helps businesses reach their customers efficiently in social media. Brands and Agencies use MOCAPP to optimise their marcom campaigns by 45% to 70%.

  • OVE


    Oveit provides cashless payments solutions for global events and venues that increase revenue by 30 to 60% and improve user experience, within and outside their venues.

  • TailPath


    Tailpath adds trust, accountability and traceability to your supply chain based on blockchain technology.

  • iFactor


    IFactor is an innovative online solution that brings together small-medium sized companies interested in selling their individual outstanding invoices for immediate cash.

  • Mobilender


    Since 2013 we’ve been driven by a simple goal – to simplify and enhance the lives of the people and the businesses we serve by connecting them through smart fintech applications.

  • Mobilender


    Rōnin is a community-powered movement giving bold ideas a chance to shape the future. Blockchain-built & bureaucracy-free.

  • Froopt


    Froopt is an idea that germinated fast into a company focused on the organic growing of vegetables and fruits. They rapidly developed into a B2B & B2C partner and anyone who wants to be in closer touch with nature.

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Meet the founders

Antonio Eram

Antonio Eram

Antonio is one of the pioneers of the local Internet & online services market. With over 20 years of business experience, Antonio started his entrepreneurial career in 2003, with the launch of the first blogging platform in Romania. A new chapter began in 2005, when he started the operations of NETOPIA Group, as CEO and co-founder, coordinating numerous projects in mobile technologies, mobile payments and marketing services area.

Antonio Eram

Felix Crisan

With over 20 years of experience in IT, Felix specializes in BigData concepts and technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, as well as blockchain technology and cryptocurrency finances. Felix started as a researcher in social sciences and continued as a developer for COTS and later, games. Felix is currently the Co-founder and CTO of NETOPIA Group.

NETOPIA Ventures is part of NETOPIA Group